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President of the Republic attends conference Ethics in Business and Leadership – “The Time is Right, Now!”

Bled, 22. 3. 2013 | press release

The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, attended the conference Ethics in Business and Leadership – “The Time is Right, Now!” at the invitation of the World Forum for Ethics in Business and the think-tank Fokus 2031. The conference was organised by the IEDC – Bled School of Management; it originates from the International Symposium on Ethics in Business, an annual event which brings together prominent leaders from business, politics, academia, civil society and faith-based organisations at the European Parliament.

The Slovenian President opened his address by thanking the organisers for the invitation, continuing by highlighting the importance of integrity, responsibility, solidarity and trust and also drawing attention to other fundamental values which provide the only appropriate basis for the functioning of both society and the business and political spheres. President Pahor said that the theme of the conference, which puts emphasis on human values and ethics in times of escalating crisis, provides an opportunity to identify new trends and managing methods which entail social responsibility, sustainable development and stability.

He pointed out that next to profit, social responsibility is the second pillar of the market economy and said that “viewed across numerous indicators, many countries that are renowned for being welfare states stand out in terms of their social responsibility and developed social market system”.

“The crisis will continue until the realisation dawns that the modern market economy has two pillars: profit and social responsibility,” said President Pahor, as he explained that the responsibility of the owners and managers to their employees and the environment is as important as the fact that they generate profit. He pointed to the problem of trust, self-respect and respect for others as one of the challenges of the present day and stressed that work voicing concern for others is the essence of ethics.

President Pahor particularly emphasised that nowadays global endeavours to improve the business world, its practices and management methods must focus on human values and ethics. He advocated an education system that would place stronger emphasis on the educational component enshrining the ethical dimension.

The President also presented the aim of the “Slovenia 2030” project to the audience and called on the conference participants who wish and aspire to make a contribution to join the project and articulate their thoughts on a vision for Slovenia.

President of the Republic attends conference Ethics in Business and Leadership – “The Time is Right, Now!”
Photo: Daniel Novakovič/STA