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STATEMENT of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, on the occasion of the anniversary of the judgment by the Arbitration Tribunal

Ljubljana, 29. 6. 2018 | press release, statement

The border dispute has been resolved.

A year ago, the Arbitration Tribunal published its judgment regarding the course of the border between Slovenia and Croatia.

With regard to this, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, is issuing the following statement:

The decision of the Arbitration Tribunal, which determined the course of the border between Slovenia and Croatia, the dispute regarding this issue has been finally resolved.

Although Croatia is not respecting the decision, this does not change the fact that the dispute has been resolved. Due to Croatia’s failure to accept the judgment, only the issue of its enforcement remains unresolved.

Nonetheless, I am convinced that sooner or later the border between these two neighbouring countries will be determined in accordance with the tribunal’s decision.

The Tribunal decided on the basis of an agreement entered into by the governments of both countries, ratified by both parliaments, and in Slovenia the issue was also decided on by the people at a referendum.

This is how the neighbouring countries, Slovenia and Croatia, finally resolved the border dispute in an amicable and binding manner. Now, their task is to also amicably enforce the resolution.

According to the judgment of the Arbitration Tribunal issued a year ago, Slovenia’s borders with all four neighbouring countries have been finally determined.