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Statement by the President of the Republic of Slovenia on the completion of elections to the European Parliament

Ljubljana, 27. 5. 2019 | press release, statement

Statement by Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia, on the completion of elections to the European Parliament yesterday

"I sincerely thank everyone who attended the European elections yesterday. I am pleased that the voter turnout was noticeably higher at the European level, although somewhat lower in Slovenia, but still higher than five years ago.

I congratulate the newly elected members of the European Parliament from Slovenia. I wish that they represent the interests, concerns and desires of the people who elected them to the best of their abilities.

A higher voter turnout gives democratic legitimacy to the European Parliament as the representative of the entire people. I wish that, despite greater political fragmentation, the Parliament carefully safeguards and develops joint European values, security, prosperity and the common European future.

Based on the election results, I am pleased to assess that pro-European forces obtained the support necessary to further develop and enhance the joint European home. More cooperation will be required due to fragmentation, but that is also the point of the European idea. Despite numerous differences, which must be respected and nurtured, more things unite we Europeans than divide us.

We can thus look optimistically towards our common European future, but we must be aware of our co-responsibility for it."