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In these circumstances, the President has reservations about recognising Palestine

Ljubljana, 26. 1. 2018 | press release, statement

The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, supports the diplomatic recognition of Palestine in circumstances in which this recognition would contribute to resolving bilateral issues with Israel, not exacerbating them. He finds that, at this moment, such circumstances do not exist.

In his opinion, the common foreign policy of the European Union should be more ambitious and influential than it has been thus far regarding the peaceful resolution of issues in the Middle East. It has already proved its knowledge and influence when it reached the “nuclear deal” with Iran.

President Pahor is also making efforts in his personal talks with the leaders of the Israeli and Palestinian authorities for both sides to adopt the so-called “two-state solution”. He said that there has been a deterioration in the situation and in the trust which would otherwise enable such a solution, provided there is strong and unified support from the international community. For this reason, he is reserved with regard to unilateral measures that do not improve matters and deepen distrust.