President Pahor began his first state visit to the Republic of Korea by speaking with the former Secretary General of the UN and the President of the Korean Parliament

Seul, 19. 2. 2018 | press release

The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, is on a two-day state visit to the Republic of Korea, where he is being hosted by the South Korean President Moon Jae-in. The President’s official delegation also included the Director of ITF, Tomaž Lovrenčič, and the Minister of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Anja Kopač Mrak, who will sign tomorrow the Agreement on Social Security between the countries.

The first state visit by the Slovenian President comes at a time when Slovenia and South Korea are observing the 25th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations, and is the first state visit of a Slovenian president to Korea.

President Pahor began his visit by meeting the former Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon. President Pahor thanked the former Secretary General for being a great friend to Slovenia, and expressed his gratitude for his efforts and work during all the years of his term as Secretary General. The partners in dialogue agreed that Slovenia and Korea have many views in common and that they are strong allies in the multilateral field.

President Pahor and former Secretary General Ban exchanged views on peace and security in the region. Former Secretary General Ban stated that, in his assessment, now is a significant moment for the Korean Peninsula, and it must be taken advantage of. President Pahor was interested in how the former Secretary General assesses current relations between North Korea and the Republic of Korea. They agreed that dialogue and peaceful dispute resolution are needed most for peace and security in the world.

During his state visit, the President of Slovenia visited the South Korean parliament, where he met its president, Chung Sye-kyun. The mainly discussed the possibilities of deepening bilateral cooperation between our countries. The president of the Parliament, Chung, thanked the Slovenian President for his state visit to the Republic of Korea, in particular for attending the Olympic Games, of which South Korea as the host is very proud. They agreed that the first state visit of a Slovenian president to the Republic of Korea will further solidify the bonds between both countries and is a good foundation for a general upgrade of our cooperation.

The political cooperation between two friendly and like-minded countries is enhanced bilaterally and multilaterally, and the presidential visit will certainly be an additional incentive to upgrade economic cooperation, trade, and investments, where there is still untapped potential. The high officials agreed that one of these opportunities is the Port of Koper, as it enables the shortest and most effective connection between Eastern Asia and Central Europe. The President of the Republic of Slovenia stressed that, due to encouraging economic prospects and its favourable investment environment, Slovenia could be a very interesting partner for new Korean direct investments, so he invited Korean investors to visit.

President Pahor stated that the countries have many things in common, and the interlocutors agreed that it was very important to have friends, and that this first state visit is certainly opening a new chapter for bilateral relations.

Mr Chung, the President of the South Korean Parliament, explained the internal political situation in the Republic of Korea to the Slovenian President, as well as his own view of the current developments in the relations with North Korea. Mr Chung and President Pahor agreed that dialogue is essential for a positive results in the Korean Peninsula. They also discussed the European Union’s position on the Korean issue, whereby the President of the Korean Parliament highlighted the importance of the EU encouraging dialogue.

A state dinner in honour of the Slovenian President was hosted by the Vice President of the Parliament of the Republic of Korea, Park Ju-seon.

The main part of the visit will be tomorrow when President Pahor meets his host, President Moon of South Korea. Tomorrow, as a part of the visit, an agreement on social security between the countries will be signed. It will be signed by the Slovenian Minister of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Anja Kopač Mrak, and the Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kang Kyung-wha. The President of the Republic of Slovenia will conclude his state visit by visiting the Demiliterised Zone on the border between South and North Korea.

The state visit of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, is intended to strengthen bilateral political and economic relations and to exchange views on important current topics in international politics. The main topics of the bilateral talks are strengthening bilateral and multilateral political cooperation, a review of economic cooperation, and a presentation of the economic plans of the Government and the opportunities that are available in Slovenia to South Korean partners and investors. The talks are also intended to review cooperation on the UN Human Rights Council, presided over by Slovenia this year, cooperation within ITF, an institution for enhancing human security, and cooperation within the Bled Strategic Forum, to which the Korean Foreign Minister, Kang Kyung-wha, is invited this year.

Predsednik Pahor se je v okviru uradnega obiska v Južni Koreji srečal s predsednikom Parlamenta Chung Sye-kyunom
Photo: UPRS

Predsednik Pahor je v okviru uradnega obiska obiskal južnokorejski parlament
Photo: UPRS